Brats Trick Grandma Into Eating A Weed Cookie

Hamilton Medford
Hamilton Medford
Culture Analyst • TopekasNews
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If you suspect your child may be addicted to pot, react quickly and take him to the E.R.  Time is of the essence.

Warning:  This post contains shocking media where some brat grandchildren have tricked grandma into eating a weed cookie.  Weed cookies are very dangerous because they contain the deadly hallucinogen ‘cannabis’, the primary ingredient in bath salts (thus the associated root word, cannibal.  Only qualified minds should watch, women and underage children should click away to some other news.) – Dr. Hamilton Medford

Dirty Nancy.  Satan’s leaf salad.  Magic mint.  The illicit substance marijuana goes by many different names in our culture, but no matter the cutesy moniker street toughs give the drug, one fact remains the same:  marijuana (cannabis) is always deadly.

Several months ago, there was a massive cannabis outbreak in Southern Florida.  Drug dealers in the region started to mix cannabis pot with salt and Kool-aid, calling their new concoction ‘edible bath salts’. A man high on the pot then dramatically ate the face of another man, marijuana again to blame for his actions.  Cannabis has the same root word as Cannibal for a reason:  marijuana makes the human mind so deluded, that people will go mad with it and try to eat each other, like a pack of mindless zombies.

And what a world of mindless zombies it must be to trick grandmother into eating a bit of these cannabis pot cookies, then sitting back and laughing at the aftermath then sharing it with all your friends on Tumblr, Reddit and Facebook.

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