St Louis Police Blatantly Lie to Cover Their Own

Cadence Appleton
Cadence Appleton
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I want to ask every socalled “officer” out there right now why they have lost sight of what is going wrong with our communities and states? What makes you officers out there think that you can abuse your “powers” and then lie about it to cover your own skin? What is it that cursed you to shoot innocent African Americans on the streets just because they feel like walking in the middle of the road?

Please, if there is a legitimate answer to any or preferably all of these questions, I’d like to know what it is. However, sadly these questions DON’T have legitimate answers to them. They’re all lies. Our so called local “authorities” have lied to us again and again so many times that I have lost complete trust  in them to do their job. Their job is to write tickets and uphold the laws of our cities and local communities. Police have forgotten what their jobs are. They’ve been corrupted so much for so long they’ve forgotten who they’re supposed to be protecting!

This video I’m about to show you is very graphic! Please watch at your own discretion:
You can view the video here at the original source:

The so called police in this video lied. Not only did they lie to us they lied blatantly! You saw the video yourselves. You be the judge. Why did they lie? Why are they compelled to lying to us? Witnessing something like this young man dying in the streets is discouraging for anyone to trust our authorities and community police. They are sad excuses for human beings!

It truly saddens me that our authorities feel that they have to mow down innocent young African Americans just because they don’t know how to make their monthly quota.

I feel that every policeman/policewoman including the hierarchy of them be turned in for lying about public records, obstruction of justice, and quite frankly being the sad excuses that they are. I also feel they should spend a lifetime in Gitmo for stereotyping African Americans and other minorities.

They should be treated like any other terrorist because that is what these so called “policemen/policewomen” are doing to this country all over the United States. They’re terrorizing and segregating our communities! I for one don’t like that!

Let this be a message to every officer in the United States: DON’T harass us humble civilians because when you need us most we won’t be there to help you. You’re lies have done enough for this country as it is! How dare you try and tell us what to do and how to live our lives when you lie to us constantly! How dare you segregate our communities when we’ve worked so hard to bring them together! How dare you where are shining badge and vow to protect the law and uphold the laws of our communities and then go off and murder civilians! How dare you lie to our faces!

Do not allow the police and government officials segregate our communities! This is supposed to be the UNITED States! Not the ‘Black people live over there and white folks live over here’ states! I strongly encourage all of our readers to question everything going on around them! I encourage you to question your police for the better!

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