You Won’t Believe This Child’s Simple Plan To Bring Peace to Israel and Palestine In Only 6 Years.

Abe Goodman
Abe Goodman
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I am sitting here with tears in my eyes right now.  The situation in Palestine seemed so grim until from the mind of a child, the solution to bring peace to the people of Israel and Palestine was laid out.

It is said from the mouth’s of babes comes the pure truth, and when you see what a bright young man came up with to end all the conflict here so that God is glorified and peace is realized is just amazing. Click to enlarge and see this beautiful plan.

plan for peace in the middle east

The solution to this situation has been so simple.  America needs to take a more hardline role in protecting those of Judeo-Christian faith, and as we see above, when we do we can bring peace to Israel in only 6 years.

We can even start the lands of Egypt on the path of salvation.  This is truly inspirational and I encourage you to share this image of faith and encouragement with all your friends today.

My friends, I will be voting for whichever Republican is vowing to help Israel bring peace to the Gaza region and knows the Western world has a Christian duty to expand peace into the potentially volatile regions of Northern Egypt.

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