Plague Of Locusts Descend Upon Egypt, Greedy Sequestering Atheist Democrats To Blame for Passover Wrath

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The wrath of God has been wrought upon Egypt.   Today, just 30 minutes before report, John Kerry gave the Egyptians $250 million American dollars for free.  This example of the Democrats supporting a nation of terror slaps us all in the face, because only days ago Barack Obama warned all Americans to ‘prepare for a sequester’ meaning, all state governments would have their budgets cut by America.

How is it that we all pay taxes and have less money, when Obama is giving his Pharoah family in Egypt billions of our dollars?

This question must have wrestled in God’s mind last night, for today he has weighed in.  Behold the power of America’s God!

The timing of this locust plague has terrified scientists and atheists alike.  On Twitter, the loudmouth radicals Neil deGrasse Tyson and academic associate Richard Dawkins have remained mum, their mouths surely agape in shock at this display of Biblical prophesy.

And there is not one skeptic who can say today’s display is sheer coincidence.  Only three days after Pope Benedict officially retired, we see the rise of prophesied evil in the Holy lands.  Locusts darken the skies as powerful lords of Hades, such as Senator John Kerry, try to control the people with money that is not theirs to spend.  The American people are being robbed and God is letting us know that this represents the end times.

The people of Egypt are in panic.   With the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak at the hands of Obama, an ancient Egyptian prophesy was actually fulfilled as well.

Egpyptian tradition holds that the ‘darkest hours’ would come when the crown prince son of Ra would return to rule over Egypt.  The prophecy states that King Akhenaten would return to Earth, with his Queen Neferteli by his side.

Look at the video, see how much Barack Obama resembles the ancient Pharoah and you will understand that even non-Biblical predictions can come true.

State media from Egypt report that the people are shocked, desperate and trying to call upon all sorts of weird ritual in the streets.  Many have demanded that Senator John Kerry give back the $250 million that belongs to America, sweetening the deal by sharing more oil with us as well.

But the Eyptians must realize they have already brought this upon themselves for their greed.  They had the chance to bow before President Bush’s gentle wisdom, before the Obama prediction came to pass.

They had the chance to freely share oil with America during Reagan’s reign of the world.  They could have not had war with our great friends in Israel.  But Egypt did all these things, now they have brought great wrath upon all nations in the Holy Lands.

The Obama reign has already begun, and there is nothing Egypt can do but watch this sign of the Apocalypse.

Obama fancies himself the Lord of the World, slowly gripping power and manipulating humanity to serve under him.  As we speak, his drones fly in the sky, giving him the “Eye of Ra”.  Obama can see into your home from high above, able to drop ‘bombs of power’ upon whoever he sees as an enemy.  Does this not sound like the stuff of legend, that ancients said pharoahs could do?  Now hopefully everyone who voted for Obama sees the truth:  he is truly a terrifying villain who seeks to rule humanity.

Obama first showed off his dark powers days after he won the reelection, defeating Mitt Romney.  At a speech to the Denver’s Atheist Society, Obama showed that his power was more than presidential or political, but it was supernatural.

The photo above shows Obama harnassing the power of light in his hands.  “Lucifer” was originally an angel of light, likely yielding his power to Obama so he can pull of parlor tricks like this to keep his dark minded people under his command.

Egyptian scientists have captured several of the plague locusts.  In the image below, a scientists fought to capture and isolate two of the rogue beasts in what appears to be a spent water bottle.  The tap water of all homes is clogged by locusts, leaving the people of the arid desert region desperately in search for bottled water.  We can see the locusts are ripping through the lids, under the command of Satan, and drinking their fill to ensure famine and drought sets in upon the land.

The bugs have fueled apocalyptic fears because of the infestation's proximity to the Bible story of Passover in which a swarm of locusts, the eighth of ten plagues, is imposed on Egyptians by God for enslaving and abusing ancient Hebrews

Other Egyptians perform bizarre rituals in the street, hoping to ward off God’s wrath.  Here we see some Egyptians launching anti-pope smoke, the opposite of what the Vatican will use when a new pope is elected.


Residents in Cairo burn tyres to create black smoke to deter the locust settling there as Israel's Agriculture Ministry set up an emergency hotline and urged residents to be vigilant in reporting sightings of the insects

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