Cherry Car Wash Revolutionizes Industry with Smartphone, 5 Star Service

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Travis VanderZanden, CEO of Cherry Car Wash, may have just revolutionized a basic staple industry of American warm-season society.

Today Cherry Car Wash announced it raised $4.5 million in funding led by Shasta Ventures. With a new financial base, how on Earth can Cherry Car Wash revolutionize something as simple as washing our cars?

The answer is simple if not brilliant: they are cashing in and building the first car wash mobile app. The first mobile apps will be rolled out for iOS and iPhone, followed by Android. With these apps, customers will be able to summon a ar wash.

Imagine having a dirty car on your way to work. Right after, you may have a date night at TPAC or Rowhouse. You can’t have a dirty car.

With this application, you could put in an order to have your car washed while you work. When you go back to your car, it will be fully cleaned. This service is an on-demand auto car wash and auto detailing business. In a world of hustle and bustle, having an old school service (remember when gas prices were 70 cents, full-service and clean optional for 5 cents more?) such as this at your fingertips is quite nice. Cherry Car Wash co-founder states, “Cherry is much more than a carwash, It’s about using technology to save our customers’ valuable time and remove a painful chore from their monthly to-do list. If getting a Cherry carwash gives you even 30 extra minutes to spend with family or friends, then we’ll consider ourselves successful. The high-quality, mobile carwash you receive is really just icing on the cake.”

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