Creationist slams Neil deGrasse Tyson’s ‘Cosmos’ for ‘Blind Faith’ in Scientific Theories, Brainwashing ‘Youth’

Haywood Bynum III
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I have a few bones to pick with Cosmos, the new atheist brainwashing documentary.  The most disgusting thing about this show is that it is masked as children’s entertainment, when in reality it is trying to bribe them to accept anti-Creationist values vis-a-vis ‘supercool’ special effects, flying spaceships and dinosaur aliens.

What child wouldn’t find those things beyond awesome?

If that is not bad enough, the show’s creator is none other than Seth McFarlane.  You may recognize that name because he is behind another ‘children’s entertainment show’ named South Park.  I have preached and lectured about why that show is poison to the child’s soul (especially college aged) and now we see the animated world was just not enough for the producer.

COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY: Neil deGrasse TysonCosmos is hosted by a student protege of Carl ‘The Pagan’ Sagan, an astrophysicist who taught dangerous theories that convinced people the universe is not Earth-centric.   The student protege in question is a man named Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

At right, you see him sailing about the “Ship of the Imagination”, a glossy FX that is just a piece of Brannon Braga Star-Trek technobabble nonsense.  The ship does not really exist and does not even appear to be oil powered, showing the show’s commie ‘Green Energy’ propaganda agenda.

Tyson takes as on a tour through time and space, twisting the facts of the Bible to forward the bizarre Big Bang Theory and resultant events placed to scale on a Cosmic Calendar.  Let’s look at some of the ludicrous themes from the first episode.

1.  The Heretic Monk

Giordano Bruno

After wowing everyone with special effects, Tyson immediately turns his attention against America’s religion, Christianity. Tyson actually flies all the way to Italy to tell his tragic story of the radical heretic Giordano Bruno.

Bruno was an anarchist who had suffered a delusional lucid dream one night and started to preach that dream was the reality of nature. Without using the scientific method, he broke the law by teaching everyone around him that Earth was not the center of the universe and the universe was infinite. His dangerous teachings threatened to destroy the early church and if that happened, would have tore England into a state of anarchy and war, destroying Western civilization.

Leaders had no choice but to find Bruno guilty of teaching false science and trying to destroy civilization. Capital punishment had to be issued and that was that, no harm no foul.

Tyson tries to twist all of that and make it seem like the church is anti-science, when in fact God created science.  This little ‘blurb’ that tried to paint scientists as rogue, rugged heroes standing up to the authority of The Church makes the shows agenda all too clear, my friends.

And let’s make no mistake, the US is a Christian nation because there are a lot of Christians living here.

2.  The Cosmic Calendar

Earth is approximately 6,000 years old and was created in 6 days, as told in the Bible.  If you are to believe Cosmos, however, it took the universe 31 days to be made and Earth several months to come into existence.

Tyson humorously purports that ‘random’ supernova explosions and colliding of asteroids caused all life on Earth as we know it today?  Do you understand the infinitesimally small odds of that happening?

Tyson claims we only exist as a dot at the end of the calendar and claims Galileo (another heretic) existed only 6 seconds ago, and that Jesus existed only 7 seconds ago.  How does that even make sense?

The producers think the audience will be so ‘wowed ‘they won’t notice the ridiculous claims.

Conclusion Rating:  S for Sinister (promotes evolution agenda, oil-less spaceship promoting anti-oil agenda, false sciences, anti-Creationism, presenting technobabble as fact, too many special effects, claiming alien dinosaurs exist, praising a criminal heretic as a hero, astrophysics, not enough Christian themes shown in positive light, cosmic calendar)

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