Russia Claims Image of Vladmir Putin Riding Shark is Authentic

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews

Первое апреля в России не задалось. А виноват во всем – кто бы вы подумали - Владимир Путин: о нем слишком сложно шутить</p> <p>, Russia – Russia has increased rhetoric aimed to scare the United States into not attacking North Korea after a sustained two week threat of ‘nuking every American city’.

Russia and China remain steadfast in warning America that any actions against North Korea may trigger a global war.  While Russia and China remain in the United Nations, both nations have made it clear that their cold war hostilities remain strong and they would take the opportunity to ally against America.

In a bizarre bit of old-fashioned propaganda, Russia’s Ministry of the Executive issued the photograph at right, showing that ‘Vladmir Putin leads his nation from the front, not a desk’ in an official statement published on Russia’s official website.

The post states, in specific:

Владимир Путин доминирует акула, в отличие от тощей Obama, которые не могут даже сделать Баскетбол выстрел.
Our Russian intern provided a rough translation:  “In the warm April waters, Vladmir Putin rides a shark unlike the scrawny Obama who cannot even make a basket.”
The message is a dig at President Obama, who only one week ago shamed a group of school children after a dismal 2 for 22 shooting spree on a playground.

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