Final Proof One Direction Is Better Band than the Beatles

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Day in and day out, people of my generation must live through stories about how our music lacks substance.  How many times have we heard people gripe about the beautiful, soulful vocals of Justin Bieber singing Boyfriend, or the fun, timeless classics performed by Carly Rae Jepson.   Fifty years from now, much like people still love the tearing vocals of Ray Charles or Etta James, we will see the same respect and eyes-clenched moments of indulgent nostalgia enjoyed by those hearing oldies from Bieber and Jepson.

But just like Ray Charles was banned from Georgia because people could not understand his genius at the time, we see there are some people of today who refuse to get in line with what’s great music.  One of my favorite bands of all time is One Direction.  From Henry to the others, they are a band whose instrumentals can rock out with Metallica, and vocal abilities outshine that of the usually great Freddie Mercury.

There will naturally be some who grimace and complain upon being faced with these facts, but then again, we are a society where empirical evidence rules the day.  To understand One Direction’s superiority and its influence on this generation, we can simply look at the views of YouTube.  Every person on Earth can use YouTube for free and what do they choose to do?  They choose to watch the best music and entertainment available.  Week after week, there is one true band who stands out on top.

Here is One Direction’s end of summer classic, What Makes You Beautiful.    Total views:  239,433,184

Here Comes the Sun, while being around for only 40 years, can only get 10% of the interest generated by a lazy, end-of-summer beachtime classic by One Direction.

35,824,654.  That’s all this little simple, primitive and quite frankly overrated number was able to pick up since 26 September 1969.

It is very tiresome to hear people religiously drone on about bands like the Beatles, when clearly we have bands greater than them who exist at this very moment.  One Direction represents the greatest of these bands.  Remember, the Beatles were once young guys from the UK as well, but their music is not holding up against modern acts.  If the Beatles were truly greater than ‘any music you kids have today’, then they would not being whipped on YouTube views. The Beatles would have a Tumblr that could pretend to rival the popularities of One Direction. How many young women are following John Lennon on Twitter? Not so many, right? Look at all the most viewed things on YouTube and you will see who is truly the best of the best now.

In scientific summary based upon some statistical analysis, here’s a simple graph proving why One Direction is superior music to the Beatles.

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