God Drenches Colorado With Floodwater, Weed Smokers To Blame

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews

Sadly I must say I told you so. Marijuana is the most dangerous and annoying drug of all time, and yet, the people of Colorado voted to legalize that salacious herb of Satan. The horrid stench of marijuana is worse than a thousand rotting skunk carcasses and that rotten scent of ‘skunk weed’ made it up to heaven. God’s response was swift!

Reports of flood water ravaging Colorado, out of nowhere, is proof that God is tired of marijuana being grown all over the state.  You can see from DrudgeReport.com, the picture of an innocent home being surrounded by all sorts of weed.  God is simply flushing all this skunk weed out of Colorado, and eventually into the Mississippi River, where it will flow down to where it belongs in Mexico.


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