River Monster’s Jeremy Wade Captures Mermaid (Arapaima) In the Amazon

Haywood Bynum III
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River Monsters is a show that follows the life of Jeremy Wade, an outdoors-man who travels the globe in search of legendary creatures of the rivers and seas.  In last week’s episode, Wade sought to capture perhaps one of the most prolific creatures of all time:  the mermaid (arapaima).

Mermaids are a subject that gained recent interest after the Discovery Channel aired a television show called Mermaids:  The Body Found.  The show purported to find evidence of mermaids, which attracted millions upon millions of viewers.  The show never delivered on showing a real life true mermaid, but did find ‘skeletons’ of supposed mermaids.

We must remember, scientists also find ‘skeletons’ of another mythological creature and try to use those as proof.  And just like dinosaur skeletons are not real, mermaids are not real.

But there are those of you who walk by faith in science, but not by sight like I and other Creationists do.  We use facts that are before us, and that is why we look at the scientific writings of the Bible.  Mermaids are never mentioned, just like dinosaurs.  That is empiricism.  But someone throws a set of ‘fossils’ in front of some supposed internet ‘scientists’, and they flock and believe mermaid and mermaid lore is real.

This video of Jeremy Wade capturing a mermaid shows the truth.  While the creature looks just like mermaids of ancient lore (arapaima), we can see it has no human head, busty chest and definitely is not singing.  Mermaids, or arapaima, are just highly unique fish.

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