Fukushima Dragons Now Popping Up In America

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews

As I browswed Reddit.com today, I found evidence that radioactive Fukushima Godzilla dragons are now among us in the United States.  The dragon-creature above was found mauling a river-boat in the Mississippi River, a bevy of spent animal carcasses left in its wake down the rivershore.

Locals in the Mississippi River valley area have reported seeing such creatures as this for the last few months, which coincides with CDC reports that radioactive water from Fukushima, Japan, has breached America and entered our water system.  While many creatures are likely becoming mutated with recombinant, radioactive DNA, the dragons are the most troubling because they can grow up to 20 feet tall and are inherently Satanic, being dragons and dinosaur-like.

At Ground Zero of the Fukushima disaster, we can see the beasts have evolved much more complex traits.  While these American Fukushima Godzilla monsters are a bit smaller in size, we can see that their design is not natural or of God.  They look much like the terrifying renderings of ancient dinosaurs scientists always try to peddle off, begging the question if radioactive water is being used to genetically engineer these fierce beasts on purpose.

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