The Second Annual MegaCake Meltdown To Take Place at Gamers HQ

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Topeka, Ks- The Second annual MegaCake Meltdown is closing in on us this month. The event was held last year for the first time to raise donations for Big Brothers, Big Sisters and of course to play video games. The event was vast and it definitely left the general public of the gaming community full after the two day event. Prizes were won, enemies were defeated, and allies were bonded when the MegaCake Meltdown was first held last year in the month of May (2013). 10304350_77762_865395627_n The over-sized MegaCake Meltdown is returning for a second year this time at the Gamers HQ in Topeka, Ks. The event will be two days just as before. The dates of the MegaCake Meltdown are May 30th and 31rst. The complete detailed list of the games and gaming systems can be found on their Facebook page here: . You can also order T-shirts to support the MegaCake Meltdown event. You can certainly purchase those here: . $15.00 covers BOTH DAYS of gaming. That’s May 30th and 31st. When you get in you will have access to every system setup in the building, including the arcade and will be automatically signed up for our door prizes and can compete in any of the side tournaments on either days. Side tournaments will be on games such as, Injustice, MK9, Tekken Tag 2, UMVC3, MVC2, SF3, etc…pretty much any fighting game we can get our hands on…and of course the fan favorite from last year, Dive kick! Injustice_Gods_Among_Us_Cover_Art *We encourage everyone to bring there own controllers and fighting sticks, and this will be a multi platform event, so if your a fan of the XBOX version of a game over the PS3 version we will have both.* Sign up for the Headline Tournaments will have to be made in person and will have limited seating. There will be an additional cost to sign up for these tournaments, but that money will go into the prize pools. All money in that pool will be payed out to the top players. We will also have these events live streamed over twitch so spread the word online. I’ll share the link for it once it’s available. *And just for clarity the Friday Main tournament will be Super Smash Bros Melee and doors open at 5:00pm until midnight.* 10277822_44085_114711072_n We reopen doors Saturday at 12:00pm and will continue until either Gamers HQ owner, Caleb Davis, kicks us out or until midnight rolls in; whichever comes first. For any questions or comments about the MegaCake Meltdown event or if you would like to donate to the charity of choice this time you can contact the Gamers HQ by phone: or by Facebook on their Facebook page here: . That’s all I have for you guys this time concerning the MegaCake Meltdown event happening May 30-31 2014 at the Gamers HQ in Topeka, Ks. Make sure to check back for more stuff often and Happy Gaming!

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