A Second Helping of MegaCake Meltdown Kicks off Another Season of Gaming

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It’s that time again viewers for the second annual Mega Cake Meltdown in Topeka KS. The event is being held at the Gamers HQ just like the previous year. Thew games are going to be better and the tournaments are going to be rougher than ever before.


You can find the detailed information about the second annual Mega Cake Meltdown here on the MegaCake Meltdown Facebook page: . You can also check out ticket availability here on the Gamers HQ Facebook page: .

For those of you who are just now learning about this event; Here’s Marvin Smith to tell you more about. This is an interview from the previous MegaCake Meltdown event. This covers the basics of the event held at the Gamers HQ.

Also to tell you more about the Mega Cake Meltdown event is Brail Watson. This is also an interview from the previous Mega Cake Meltdown event.

Sound fun yet? If you are in the Topeka area on May 30th-May 31rst then go on and head down to the Gamers HQ located at 21rst and Gage Blvd behind Spangles. Tickets are going very fast so make sure you get yours before they run out.

Mega Cake Meltdown is the community hole for gamers everywhere no matter what console or system you play on. Tournaments will be taking place are various consoles and of course prizes will be awarded to the winners of those tournaments. And you can’t go to the Mega Cake Meltdown event without seeing the D20 Girls of Kansas and Missouri. You check their Facebook page out to see what they hold in store for you: .

Come. Enjoy some games on your favorite systems and make new friends and allies as well as new rivals at the MegaCake Meltdown! It will leave you very full and wanting more!

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