Ebola Stands For Evil Barack Obama Liquidating America

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We can see this EBOLA:  Eternal Barack Obama Liquidating America virus is literally spelling out the name of its creator, Obama.  2016 is fast approaching and the liberals are now revealing their true hand to destroy America.

Several months ago, Obama forced the CDC to launch a program called:  Eternal Barack Obama Liquidating America.  E.B.O.L.A.

The plan was quite simple, create a new super virus using the old forgotten Ebola virus, a deadly plague that can kill a healthy human in under a week.  Barack Obama has the cure for this virus, a reverse transcriptase that forces the virus to form the word “OBAMA” in the blood stream, as seen in the image from the CDC above.

That OBAMA virus you see is the mark of the beast the Bible warned us about.  If you do not get the antidote within a week of showing symptoms, you will die.  Now here is the kicker:  to get the antidote, you have to sign up for Obamacare.

And starting in 2016, to get Obamacare you will have to get a shot that gives you the mark of the Beast.  This means the only people who will survive E.B.O.L.A. are those who agree to get Obama’s mark of the beast and have the words “OBAMA” circulating in their bloodstream, so as to show a blood covenant unto him.

Just like a used furniture salesman, Barack Obama is standing on the corner and announcing to all passerbye, “America is having a liquidation sale!  All items must go!”

And my friends, by items Obama means the lives of each and every American who does not fear him.

I can only imagine that right now and pardon my Oxford comma, but I want this list to be clear,,  Russia, China, North Korea and Hamasestine, must be licking their chops, proud that their puppet Obama is finally revealing his hand to destroy America.


EBOLA:  Evil Barack Obama Liquidating America.

Several years ago, I wrote a big guest article on the Huffington Post where I exposed a cult of people who believe Obama is the Messiah.  They believe he is an Egyptian god-king sent to fulfill the prophesy of all major world religions who say one day, the Lord and Master of Humanity will return to quell the population and rule forever.

Obama shall soon refer to himself as Eternal Barack Obama, it is written into his sinister scheme to make our blood emblazened with his family name.  Do not fall for it.  Remember my friends, only an evil heart could cook up a scheme like this so a better name for this virus is Evil Barack Obama Liquidating America.

Obama is selling America out to the highest bidder and those who will willingly worship him.  Why do you think Obama is so friendly with the Arabs and Egyptians?  It is because he most closely fulfills their prophesy.  They think Obama is a modern pharaoh sent to once again enslave the children of Israel and reign damnation upon the Christian lands of the West.

They believe he is Ra reborn and America, unless we open our eyes the world has little hope.

Obama is sneaking the EBOLA virus into America via illegal immigrants.  Here is the proof.  With millions of illegals already infected vis-a-vis dirty water from their home countries, they can just cough all over America without anyone really noticing and then within a month, we will all be forced to sign up for Obamacare, get the mark of Satan in our blood, have OBAMA’s name pumping through our hearts and bodies, or else die from Ebola.

We are living in dark and scary times, my friends.  This is the truth.  Please spread and inform your friends.  The only hope we have of overcoming this is as follows:  powerful prayers, kick illegal immigrants out of America, impeach Obama for trying to infect us all with EBOLA and vote for a Christian in the 2016 elections.