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Obama’s Plan To Start the Ebola Zombie Apocalypse in America Revealed

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All the illegals sneaking into America right now are already infected with EBOLA virus and that is Obama’s biggest scheme ever, to turn Americans into a sick, brainless nation of zombie voters.

1545548_10100117827869389_605390131258853587_nHello my Dear Christian friends.  We are living in cruel days, EVIL HOURS!  As I slept last night I had a holy vision that I am going to share with you.  Revealed unto me in my slumber is the exact way Obama plans to destroy America.  It is sinister!

As we all know, Obama’s middle name is Hussein!  We knew that meant something terrible for America when all the non-workings ‘voted’ him for president in 2008.  We knew that meant nothing but damnation and destruction for this Christian nation.

But last night in my dream a prophesy was revealed unto me, and here it is:  Obama started the Ebola outbreak and illegals sneaking into this country are infected with it.

Now there are liberals out there who will try to say this is not true, they will say this is just another Republican lie to gain votes before the 2016 elections.

You can just link them to my article and my support article here:  illegals infected with Ebola virus are being allowed to sneak into America right now and sit in our cities, coughing on everyone.