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400 Pound High School Running Back

Standing at 6’5″ tall and weighing in at 400 pounds, David Fangupo of Swan Lake High is what high school football is all about.  Remember this kid’s name, because in addition to his impressive physique he is surprisingly nimble on his feet.  Every college in America would be crazy to not take a good look at this running back.  In the NFL, he could be a devastating 3rd and 4th down specialist for offenses to throw at a cowering, unsure and undermatched defense.

Aside from a few elite defensive players, there is no real way for one or two people to take down and effectively tackle a well-conditioned 6’5″, 400-pound pile of conditioned athlete running toward them. On a team with a skilled quarterback, blockers and receivers, this kid will be a true nightmare.

Much like Christian O’Koye or William ‘The Fridge’ Perry, this guy is large and demands attention when he takes the field. With so much attention given to him on a 3rd or 4th scenario, especially, a quarterback will have a free tightend floating in the flat and wideouts able to run good patterns in lighter coverage. There is no way a defense can risk this guy running free and building up a good head of steam. In short, if developed correctly this back can be a defensive wrecker, a man who forces defenses to sacrifice coverage in order to take him on.

This is the equivalent of being able to throw a young Shaquille O’Neal down low, watching him just back it in and toss in an easy dunk, or dish the ball out (wishful thinking) to a wide open Kobe or Derek Fisher. But in football, there is no hack-a-Shaq. You have to make a clean tackle and it is going to take a coalition to take this kid down, especially as he continues to be trained and develops more strength.

Here’s to hoping we see this kid make it through a good collegiate program injury free, then taking root in the NFL. This is just football at its best and why you have to love high school football for all it is. In addition to hometown fun where the fans truly care and are invested, we get glimpses of tomorrow’s potential stars and history makers.