Is Neil DeGrasse Tyson a Ra Worshipping Illuminati?

neil degrasse tyson wearing cassock of ra
neil degrasse tyson wearing cassock of ra

[adsense]Adorned in the ancient cassock of Ra, Neil DeGrasse Tyson uses occult powers to create a ‘mini-Sun’ in his hands.  This show of power was common for Ra’s priests and is now being used by Illuminati freemasons such as Tyson to ‘intimidate the lesser minds of the world’.

A new image showing Neil DeGrasse Tyson manifesting ‘Sun powers’ during a lecture is terrifying Christians on social media networks.  Twitter and Facebook are aflame, shares of this image sparking outrage among people who strive to have Cosmos immediately removed from television.

My dear friends, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a modern Ra priest, cut from the same cloth as domineering Egyptian pharaohs, Bill Nye, Sir Richard Dawson, the Raelians and the Ferangula occultists.  All these groups believe there are a line of humans with ancient mystic abilities who are destined to rule the Cosmos.

Their agenda is to simply keep man from believing in God long enough until human technology can grant them immortality, mind control over others and the ability to travel space.  In control of those three ‘pillars of destiny’, ancient Ra-elians (those who believe Ra was an alien and they are his descendants, like Neil DeGrasse Tyson) know they can control the future of mankind.

Tyson is only a high priest within this order and look at the way he somehow harnesses the power of a mini-sun within his hands.  Need more proof?  Look at how when he’s not wearing his official Ra cassock, he is adorned in his ‘vest of the cosmos’.


In the image above, look at Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s tie.  On it are Ra iconography, proving he is a Harold of Ra.  Look at his right hand.  You can see he is making Illumaniti hand gestures with some sort of obvious proletariat meaning.


In this image, Tyson skeptically looks on as he proudly wears his Ra vest of the cosmos.  On his side, we see some sort of likely Indian high priest named Ra-j Koopthali, which literally means ‘a son of Ra’.  Ra-j and Tyson have worked tirelessly to sell the ‘Big Bang Theory’ and wipe out creationism in our nation’s schoolchildren.  

Premiere Of Fox's "Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey" - Red Carpet

Here Tyson poses with two of his acolytes.   Look behind Neil DeGrasse Tyson and you can see all of the American companies, ventures and television control he has taken control over and now ‘serve the House of Ra’.  Tyson again wears his cosmic Ra vest as he shows his power over America’s companies and television producers.



Lastly, in his right hand Neil DeGrasse Tyson casually holds the very staff Moses used to part the Red Sea.  The Illuminati are fascinated with ancient Christian artifacts and try to steal their power, so they more quickly achieve their ‘Three Pillars of Destiny” and take ultimate rule over mankind.  The Bible warns about the ancient Illuminati (the pharaohs) doing the exact same thing with their magicians, in the book of Exodus.