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600 Brawl In Florida Movie Theater, Arrested

HT shooting mugshots jtm 131226 16x9 608 600 People Involved in Movie Theater Brawl, 5 ArrestedJacksonville, Florida (TopNews) – A melee of epic proportions busted out at the Hollwood River City AMC, where over 600 youths engaged in a massive brawl.

The 600 Christmas Brawl is one of the largest fistfights in US history.  Police say the fight started around 8:30 pm at the Jacksonville, Florida, movie theater.  An off-duty officer, who worked as a security guard, was engulfed in the melee, being rushed by throngs of irate, wild teens.

The backstory to the violence occurred when a group of teens tried to enter the theater without paying tickets.  Not wanting to abide by the guard’s orders to stop, the teens decided to go on the offensive.  Outnumbered and without backup, the offer used pepper spray to disperse initial rioters and called for backup.  According to police reports, this is perfect protocol that the officer followed.

[adsense]As the officer tried his best to ward off the brawling rioters and protect people already in the theater, violence unfortunately escalated.  Before backup arrived, over 600 people were trying to break into the theater, vandalize, fighting and causing great chaos and destruction.

Very soon, over sixty-two armed police officers showed up to the theater, quickly breaking up the 600 brawlers.

Amazingly, no gunshots were fired and only minor damage to the theater took place.  Once police arrived, most of the brawlers decided to run away.  Only five people remained violent enough to get arrested on the scene, which the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department reports three of which were arrested and charged with felonies.  Two people under 18 were arrested and charged with misdemeanor crimes.

While it has not been confirmed as to what movie the rioters were trying to break into, the cinema reports its showings for the night:

“Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas”, “47 Ronin”, “Anchorman 2:  The Legend of Ron Burgundy Continues” and “Grudge Match”.