Adorable ‘Be My Girlfriend’ Elementary Note Warms Social Media

Sherry O'Reilly
• TopekasNews
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A Redditor dug into a nostalgiac box of history and shared an adorable finding with all of us:  a classic ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ note with a cute ending.

We can see the young Romeo writes to his dear Ashely, of whom he expresses ‘I like you alot’ in his logic of why they should try dating.  Ashely is given the options of Yes, No, or Maybe, as she is clearly instructed in the P.S. section of the note.

Ashely goes above and beyond, however, and gives our little guy the truth of the situation.  Hopefully this life lesson was never forgotten.

Ashely circled no, detailing her decision:  “I’m sorry I alredy have a boyfriend Kyle _ but when we break up your my next choice.”

Ashely ends her amorous outpouring with a timeline, “P.S. that will probobly be a month or two”

It remains unconfirmed if our young penner of love letters ever got his chance to date Ms. Ashely a month or two later or remained an eternal friend throughout school.  But one thing we do know, this is very cute.


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