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Alex Rodriguez Banned 1 Season for Marijuana Doping

Alex Rodriguez in a game on 5/26/08New York, New York (TopSports) – Alex Rodriguez is guilty of doping.

Doping refers to when one smokes so much of the performance enhancing drug marijuana, that their athletic and mental abilities exceed that of a normal human.

“Dope” is the street name for marijuana.  With legalization of this dangerous and annoying drug in Colorado and California, it is now easier than ever for these ‘upstanding’ athletes to get their dirty mitts on the stuff, then imbibe greedy, huge proportions of it to gain an edge over their opponents.


For his crimes, Alex Rodriguez is being suspended for the entire 2014 season.  By the time Rodriguez is back with the Yankees, he will be short $25 million dollars and 40-years-old.

This would seem like a career-ending suspension, but we must remember marijuana is a rejuvenating drug as well.  Look at how well Peyton Manning and his ‘injured’ 38-year-old ankle have done this season.

Hopefully the unfair advantaged shown by Alex Rodriguez and all these other dopers will lead all major sports to make one serious rule:  if you smoke marijuana once, you will be banned for life and lose all money you made from the sport.

Look at these clip reels of A-rod performing beyond that of a normal human.  How is it fair that anyone is able to use maryjane to catch an unfair edge?  Sounds like communism to me.