Amazing 13-Year-Old Launches Hello Kitty Into Space

Sterling Manchester II
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Antioch, Calif – NASA’s pressure to be the solo pioneers of space may have eased up a bit today.  Lauren Rojas, seventh-grade student from Antioch, California, recently took it upon herself to launch Hello Kitty 93,625 feet in the air, using a do-it-yourself balloon space-rocket kit from High Altitude Science.

Rojas’ packet included an altimeter, thermometer, high-end cameras and a satellite tracker.  Not content with just all the high end items, Rojas decided to give the space vessel her own personal touch before launching it:  Hello Kitty.  The doll came Tokyo, a gift from her father while he was traveling on business.

The video of Hello Kitty’s spaceflight is pretty awesome and probably a good source for inspiring the young minds of America for space travel.  At the 2:15 mark, the balloon expands to over 53 times its original size, causing it to explode and begin its uncontrolled descent to Earth.

The project shows that close-orbit of Earth is now very accessible.  A thirteen-year-old with enough drive can launch Hello Kitty into space and make a YouTube video about her space mission.  With increasing abilities of communication technology, videos of students launching their own space craft can quickly become a new trend.  And with that trend, we would see the abilities of these spacekits likely expand.

*: For party-busting Romulans out there, yes 93,625 feet is not quite the 60 plus miles Kármán line, but the mind’s of children who may be the first generation to take us beyond the moon may be very well inspired by this, so let’s keep our haven’t been to the moon since 1960′s comments in shameful silence.

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