Americans Killed in Libya, Republican Right Blames Obama

• TopekasNews
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On late 9/11/2012, we learned that Americans in the Muslim country of Libya were under attack by a massive mob.  Apparently, an American cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad had angered many across the Islamic world.  In Egypt, a nation America helped gained independence from Mubarak, locals turned on American dignitaries as well and issued lighter attacks.  But none of those attacks compared to the true horror that Americans faced in the nation of Libya.

The movie that caused the massive uproar is titled “The Innocence of Muslims”.  It was naturally not released in the Muslim world, but was illegally posted on YouTube with Arabic subtitles.  The result of the posting was instantaneous, with mobs of upset Muslims tearing from their homes with ‘swords, axes, black flags, guns, explosives, incendiary devices’, according to the New York Post.  And somehow, Mitt Romney is blaming all of this on President Barack Hussein Obama.

How Barack Obama’s policies of peace and attacks when necessary (killing Osama bin Laden, aiding in the downfall of Gadhafi, Mubarak and possibly Assad is not ‘light’ political policy) and enduring the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan resulted in yesterday’s are to blame for all this is almost criminal to consider.

What we’re seeing here, when we look upon Ambassador Chris Stevens who likely knew nothing about the movie and is as much to blame for this horror than his president, is something that we should have known a long time ago.  It’s the very thing that generals in the past warned about.  It’s what George W. Bush, Jr., ignored when he decided to set up democracies all across the Middle East.  In many of these nations, religion is all the same as politics.  It is one.  Drawing an image of their religious figures, to some, is the same as Japan attacking Pearl Harbor.  This does not justify or excuse what happened here, because in my book such actions cannot be tolerated, but there is the simple reason that they happen.  It’s a cultural issue, however we mold our foreign policy will not change it.

America believes in a free media and press.  South Park mercilessly makes fun of Christians.  Some people will protest, but that’s about it.  It’s next to criminal on sites like Facebook to make a post making fun of an atheist or such, as it should be.  We can instantly get Christian groups shut down for that.  In that light, is the fact that Chris Stevens was suffocated to death all his fault?  I defy anyone to even acknowledge such a possibility.  Yet, ol’ Mittens is basically saying just that.


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