Atheists Erect Giant Festivus Pole in Small Colorado Town, Taunt Area Christians

Aurora, Colorado – Atheists in Colorado continued their war on Christmas by erecting a giant Festivus pole shaped like the Star Ship Enterprise.

[adsense]Festivus, a holiday originally conceived by talented producer Larry David for hit sitcom Seinfeld, is celebrated by a piecewise airing of grievances by the family’s patriarch, who then torments his oldest son with feats of strength.  All while this takes place and the family and guests eat kosher fish, a lone, solemn aluminum pole sits, presiding over the entire holiday until the father exhausts his oldest son and psychologically scars him for life.

For some odd reason, atheists are wanting to implement this holiday in every major us city, building Festivus displays in front of traditional nativity displays.

Locals are of mixed feelings about the display:

“I think it is pretty neat.  When I was a kid I asked for a tribble as a gift, but never got one.  Diversity is good and should multiply, like tribbles.” – Dwayne Clarke

“This is purely awesome.  Hopefully Shatner sees it.”  Tiff Donaldson

But there were other Christians in the area, who picketed the display and who are vowing to make sure city ordinance prohibits future ‘Festivus intrusions’.

“What you have to understand here, is that Christmas is not just a Christian tradition, it is a family tradition that has existed for nearly 2000 years.  This holiday is not about religion, so it is fine to display the nativity scene on public land.  Nativity scenes outdate these giant Festivus star ship worship mostrosities by 2,000 years,” said Pastor Donald Davidson, who plans to lobby city council to prohibit any future display not based on ‘a tradition that has not existed and been consistently celebrated in public for over 200 years.