Auror Potter, Is A New Movie or Television Series in the Works?

Tatum Fox
• TopekasNews
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The web is above after images surfaced depicting Harry Potter dressed in a more militant style, taking on his role as a fresh Department of Magical Law Enforcement agent in a potential follow-up to the Harry Potter trilogy.  If this actually takes hold, we can expect the world of Harry Potter fans to squeal in excitement.

The idea was borne by fans who thought a look into the future of the characters would be a superb follow-up.  Harry Potter would take on the mantle of almost a dark knight, a fresh guy into enforcing standards in a world of magic.  The guild of Aurors have grown corrupt and the end of the wormhole of darkness corrupting the department goes quite deeper than anyone expected, leaving only one hero would can right all the wrongs.


With a cast of all new friends, with their own respective personality traits and ability, Auror Potter would definitely be a feast of special effects, action and hopefully the guidance of Potter’s creator.

Of course, Harry Potter would not be much without his dear and trusted friends.  Did Weasley and Hermione, and Harry and Jenny, get a divorce in this future?


While the plot and movie potential are all still largely fan-based and requested right now, the premise is quite neat and only time will tell if Rowling will bite and give the fans what they want.  What do you think about this possibility?




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