Barack Obama CAUGHT Corrupting Justin Bieber, Hooking Him On Marijuana

As I read yet another article about the once sweet Canadian child Justin Bieber being a little miscreant, I decided to launch a full investigation into this young man’s life.  He is troubled and so young and tender.  When you look into the eyes of this young man, you can see a soul that is crying out, ‘Save me from this sinful life.  Save me, let me be whole again.’

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It is not natural for a 19-year-old man to seek comfort in Brazilian prostitutes and marijuana, but when you have the president of the United States whispering in your ear that these things will make you cool and accepted, it may just seem okay.

It shocked my heart and I cannot believe my investigation turned this up, but when you ask yourself why Justin Bieber is such a bad person these days, you don’t have to look very far to find the culprit:  Barack Obama.

While perusing old photos of Justin Bieber in my duties as cultural protector, I found it odd that I found a picture of young Barack Obama standing with a young, impressionable Bieber circa 2008.  Notice how clean and innocent Bieber is looking here.  From the looks of the boy child, I estimate Bieber must have been new to the scene and fresh from his Canadian teens.

At this point in time, the rest of us had no idea that Bieber would be big.  But Obama had a perfect plan for this young YouTube crooner.  Obama understands that to reach young people, you have to speak their language and use their technology.  What better way to influence young 14-year-old people to vote for him when they turn 18 in 2008, then to help usher in their new teenaged heart-throb.

And that is exactly what Obama did.


When Obama appears before us, he tries to look professional and sophisticated.  But when we find evidence of Obama posing and hanging out with Justin Bieber, we can see him dress in ‘hip-hop’ clothing and lead Bieber in the wrong way.  Keep in mind:  Bieber was just a lone kid from Canada, trying to make it big in the States.  To be taken in by a fresh-faced US Senator and then President must have seemed a God-send to not only Bieber, but his parents.  They thought nothing could go wrong and told Bieber to do as he was instructed.

Corruption of the Innocent

Obama continually showed up with Bieber at events, slowly using his ‘Chicago grassroots recruitment’ skills to turn Bieber into a disrespectful little gangster.  Do not forget, Obama is from the streets and he knows how they work.  Sure, Obama made a good life for himself, but he can easily twist and manipulate a young child to be just another Chicago hoodlum and that is exactly what he did to Bieber I’m afraid.

Obama teaching Bieber to throw gang hand signals at the Kid’s Choice Awards

Notice how Justin Bieber looks so uncomfortable here as Obama once again grabs him, throwing up some Chicago hand signal.  Bieber is wondering why the nice man who usually wears a suit-and-tie is suddenly forcing him to wear matching leather outfits and do all these ‘gangsta’ things in public.

Machiavellian Tactics
Obama alternates between dressing up in public, addressing Bieber with the command and authority of the President of the United States.  Bieber’s knees tremble before the power of the office.  By creating this dynamic, Obama created a psychological condition called ‘flux impression’.

Bieber started to associate doing bad behavior with something the President of the United States would endorse.  This ensures Bieber stays in the headlines, always keeping his young fans on the fray and interested in his actions.  This ensures that all these young fans, by subconscious association, will associate Barack Obama with Bieber’s 24-7 celebrity coverage.

So in essence, every time Bieber does something bad or TMZ worthy, it is as if Obama is somehow tied into that story.  This makes Obama seem cool among younger people, since he was appeared with Bieber so much over the last four or five years.  I can imagine this may be the greatest political maneuvering since JFK used television to trick young women into voting for him based on looks.

But this would all still be too easy.  There would be a chance that Justin Bieber could break away from Obama and say he was a fraud, a Harvey ‘Two-Face’ Dent who would just as quickly betray you as help you after the flip of a coin.  But Obama has Justin Bieber’s loyalty hooked.

This sad image of Justin Bieber smoking some doobie doo.  That is Chicago street slang for the skunky monkey, that is the ‘chronic’.  You can see a very familiar hand coming from your right part of the frame.  Whose long, slender right hand is that casually making sure Bieber gets hooked on the most dangerous and annoying drug of all time?


Undated family photo of (R to L) Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber