Barack Obama Caught Grabbing Badunky Dunk In Public


[adsense]President Mixed-a-lot Obama is showing no class here.  I actually should not be surprised that Obama would do something so blatant as grab a woman’s derriere in public but here we go.

For all the Obama apologists out there, good luck trying to explain this lack of manners off as normal.  This is simply unacceptable behavior from the president and just one among litany of reasons why Obama should do the right thing and go back to Chicago.

We need a return of good, Christian men in the White House.  Do you think we would ever see our saintly and morally inspirational President George Bush doing this to Laura?  The Teflon Gipper, the angelic Ronald Reagan, never would treat Nancy as less than a lady

But you get these pimpdaddy democrats in office and you get Bill Clinton ruining the lives of eager interns, and Obama treating the very lovely and classy Michelle Obama like an Oakland Beef Burger.

There is  a reason for the saying, “Republican Men are the champions of women’s rights.”

US President Obama and France's President Sarkozy take their places with junior G8 delegates for a family photo at the G8 summit in L'Aquila