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BET Awards Brawl Between Young Jeezy and Rick Ross

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If you were to believe the Right Wing Media, last week a BET Awards Brawl reignited the media flamed East Coast/West Coast rap battles of the 1990s.  But in all honestly, the altercation was not professional but hardly any worse than any of the outbursts you’d see at a heated senate meeting or O’Reilly throwing a temper tantrum when he thinks the cameras are turned off.

In other news, you probably have not heard of Young Jeezy and Rick Ross before this video report, so that shows you how vital this story is to the music industry.  It’s on my news desk, so I’ll cover it, but the media at large is blowing this out of proportion and I’m not going to be the one whose story started some ridiculous music war.  Get over, colleagues.