Bethany Arceneaux Rescued in Duson, Rescued By Brave Family

29-year-old mother rescued by her family in Duson, Lousiana.

Duson, Louisiana – A missing person’s case had a phenomenal ending for the best after a Louisiana family banded together to save a young woman, Bethany Arceneaux, from her alleged captor.

The backstory starts three days ago, when Areceneaux’s family reported the mother of one missing.  Authorities had reason to believe her estranged boyfriend, the father of her child, abducted her and left her car on a road in Duson.  Police were able to locate Arceneaux’s vehicle and rescue her child from it.  But Bethany was missing and her family banded together to start a search.

Three long, miserable days ensued, with police, locals and the Arceneaux family combing the area for their missing love one.

Events took a turn when today when a group of Arceneaux’s family, lead by her uncle, heard a scream come from an abandoned home in an isolated field.

The group of family members, totaling a half dozen, had no idea what they would find inside that house.  But they did not stop to worry or fear.  They kicked in the front door.

Without hesitation, the family rushed into the home and found Bethany Arceneaux inside, suffering from multiple stab wounds, in a bloodied state of distress and undress and held captive by Scott Thomas, the father of her son.

The 29-year-0ld woman’s life was on the line and her uncle is credited for springing into action, doing what was necessary to rescue his niece.  Police believe a fight, involving knives and gun, ensured.  Dramatic photographs show the uncle carrying the young woman away from the house and to safety.

Image of Uncle rescuing niece

Police Parish Sheriff Captain Kip Judice reports Thomas died from injuries sustained during the confrontation with Areceneaux’s family.  The victim’s family drove hr to Lafayette General Medical Center, where she is confirmed to be safe and in stable condition.

Ryan Areceneaux, the victim’s brother, reports, “She’s shook up, she’s sliced up, but she’s alright.  We found her.  We went and got her in that house.  We kicked doors down.  It was like a movie unfolding.”

The young man continued, “If we would have waited, she would have been dead.”  The family reports they could only hear her screaming, “‘Help, help,'” as they sprang into action.

Police have refused to press any charges and say the family’s actions were in self defense.  Most of the public agrees:  if their loved one were in such a situation, they would not hesitate to use whatever means necessary to stage a rescue operation.

The family was working in conjunction with community search efforts put-on after the young woman was declared missing.  Around social media, the family is being held as heroes and though the actions could be argued as vigilante justice, it seems the tone of social justice in this case is on the side of the family.  “Do not put the lives of innocent people on the line, or their family has every right to come looking for you and do some rescuing,” one Tweet in reference to this story summarizes.

Source:  The Daily Advertiser