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Big Bird Responds To Romney on Twitter

After Wednesday’s debate, Mitt Romney finally made it clear he would cut funding from PBS and would happily see Sesame Street and other children’s shows cancelled, instantly casting Obama into the hero’s spotlight for PBS personnel.

On Wednesday night’s presidential debate, Mitt Romney made it very clear that he is not a fan of Big Bird, Jim Leher or PBS in general.  To him, the public broadcasting channel is a huge waste of money and if it cannot find corporate sponsors who can make it as viable as NBC or ABC, Romney wants the channel gutted.  The first of Romney’s listed enemies on PBS was the timeless character Big Bird, who instantly took to Twitter in protest.

It is almost appropriate that muppet characters are headlining the debates last night, as they were truly bizarre. With Obama’s lackluster performance and Mitt Romney’s condifence in telling bold-faced lies in a world that can fact-check anything in a matter of seconds, it’s all topsy-turvey. One thing that we can all agree on is that diskling PBS and Sesame Street is on par with locking scientists in towers and burning people at the stake.