Bill Nye Boo’d In Texas for Saying “The Moon Reflects the Sun”

Bill Nye, puffing up the knowledge base of our children, or simply puffing up with the whitecoat homies in the lab?

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, has taken a bunch of heat from the religious right as of late.  Typically, a nice, well-mannered adult man who spouts various theory is well received by the Republican conglomerate (i.e., Tucker Carlson), but for some reason Bill Nye randomly grinds their gears.  What has made this simple, nice man a Satanic type enemy of all things good and true for our wound up brethren?

A little investigation shows the exact moment Bill Nye made enemies of the GOP, and we’re sure as they see it, God, science, bunny rabbits and every good mother.

At some point on April 4th, 2006, Bill Nye flew himself down to Texas and decided to teach science at the McLennan Community College.  This community college is in Waco, Texas.  Yes, that Waco, Texas.  The school had managed to bait Bill Nye to come down and apparently be the laughing stock of the town, because he believed in bizarre things like evolution, genetics, the Big Bang Theory and apparently atheism.

The McLennan Community College had invited a large panel of pastors and Christian scientists to sit down and hand Bill Nye a mighty lecturing that would take place in front of the area’s elementary school children and their proud mothers.  Everyone was waiting to demonize science as the supposedly mousy Bill Nye was overwhelmed by theologians, but quite the opposite took place.

At some point during the ‘debate’, Bill Nye made mention that the moon reflects the light of the sun, but produces no light of its own.  According to an article shamed from even the Waco Tribune, the good townfolk ‘were visibly angered by what some perceived as irreverence.”  With the audience on its heels and panel opponents frothing at the mouth, Bill Nye then went into a long lecture where he brought up topics like global warming, Mars exploration and energy consumption.  Bill Nye dared to imply that Texans were evil for driving 5 miles per gallon Humvees and not even carpooling.

Suddenly during all this, a wild-eyed minister leaped up from the audience and screamed, saying Bill Nye is a liar because none of his science is in the Bible.  Nye calmly riled everyone up, by bringning up Genesis 1:16, which reads, “God made two great lights — the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night.   He also made the stars.”  Nye then corrected the Bible.  “The lesser light is not a light at all, but only a reflector.”

At this point, the Waco Tribune records that one mother jumped up from her seat and screeched, “We believe in God!”, then ran away crying, dragging three of children away with her.  As she ran off, the mother was seen visibly cupping the ears of the child in her arms so her baby would not have to hear any more of Nye’s science.

More recently, Bill Nye baffled Fox News with his moon facts.

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