Bill Nye Boo’d In Texas for Saying “The Moon Reflects the Sun”

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Bill Nye, puffing up the knowledge base of our children, or simply puffing up with the whitecoat homies in the lab?

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, has taken a bunch of heat from the religious right as of late.  Typically, a nice, well-mannered adult man who spouts various theory is well received by the Republican conglomerate (i.e., Tucker Carlson), but for some reason Bill Nye randomly grinds their gears.  What has made this simple, nice man a Satanic type enemy of all things good and true for our wound up brethren?

A little investigation shows the exact moment Bill Nye made enemies of the GOP, and we’re sure as they see it, God, science, bunny rabbits and every good mother.

At some point on April 4th, 2006, Bill Nye flew himself down to Texas and decided to teach science at the McLennan Community College.  This community college is in Waco, Texas.  Yes, that Waco, Texas.  The school had managed to bait Bill Nye to come down and apparently be the laughing stock of the town, because he believed in bizarre things like evolution, genetics, the Big Bang Theory and apparently atheism.

The McLennan Community College had invited a large panel of pastors and Christian scientists to sit down and hand Bill Nye a mighty lecturing that would take place in front of the area’s elementary school children and their proud mothers.  Everyone was waiting to demonize science as the supposedly mousy Bill Nye was overwhelmed by theologians, but quite the opposite took place.

At some point during the ‘debate’, Bill Nye made mention that the moon reflects the light of the sun, but produces no light of its own.  According to an article shamed from even the Waco Tribune, the good townfolk ‘were visibly angered by what some perceived as irreverence.”  With the audience on its heels and panel opponents frothing at the mouth, Bill Nye then went into a long lecture where he brought up topics like global warming, Mars exploration and energy consumption.  Bill Nye dared to imply that Texans were evil for driving 5 miles per gallon Humvees and not even carpooling.

Suddenly during all this, a wild-eyed minister leaped up from the audience and screamed, saying Bill Nye is a liar because none of his science is in the Bible.  Nye calmly riled everyone up, by bringning up Genesis 1:16, which reads, “God made two great lights — the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night.   He also made the stars.”  Nye then corrected the Bible.  “The lesser light is not a light at all, but only a reflector.”

At this point, the Waco Tribune records that one mother jumped up from her seat and screeched, “We believe in God!”, then ran away crying, dragging three of children away with her.  As she ran off, the mother was seen visibly cupping the ears of the child in her arms so her baby would not have to hear any more of Nye’s science.

More recently, Bill Nye baffled Fox News with his moon facts.

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  • You atheist knuckleheads just love starting stuff don’t you? There is no proof that the moon reflects the sun and Nye should have apologized to that woman and her kids. If she doesn’t want them hearing that stuff she has every right to be upset. Just because you are smug in your faith of science does not make you right.

    • Pure comedy gold, Tex – a great way to start a Monday. Thanks!^^

    • just a complete idiot.

    • Moon reflects the light of the Sun in accordance with its orbit.

      The entire Moon does not constantly reflect light – only the half in direct view of the Sun. As the Moon is tidally locked to the Earth (ie we only ever see one face), our view of the lit half changes constantly, ranging from a disc to a thin crescent. On a full Moon, the Sun is directly lined up with the Earth-Moon line; when we see a thin crescent, on the other hand, the Sun is illuminating just the side. However, the Moon does not reflect light quite like a mirror, although it is similar. All objects in space have an albedo, which is a measure of how well they reflect light. To give you an idea of how this works, material like ice has a high albedo, whereas soil has a low albedo.

      However, the Moon’s albedo is actually very low – similar to that of coal. Its bright glow is instead the result of something called the opposition effect. You may have come across this when seeing a car’s headlights shine on a dark road: the road appears brighter than it would if light were not incident upon it. The Sun plays the part of the headlight in this case, directly shining on the Moon and leading to its bright glow. The large amount of debris on the surface of the Moon also contributes to its reflectivity.

    • so Bill Nye is right and your wrong , you should come into the 21 first century and stop believing in your prehistoric myths .

    • I hope you’re joking… faith of science? Educate Yourself

  • America Is A Joke

    I can’t wait until all you christians/catholics die off so we can reset our civilization.

    Scientists > Priests

    you dumb rednecks deserve to die off, and soon.


  • Well, that is what happens when people don’t REALLY believe in God. They limit God and what he can do. God gave us brains and intelligence to do things, such as science. Too bad those so-called ‘Christians’ don’t have a greater belief in God, as He the greatest in everything…science, math, etc. Their small-minded problem, not mine.

  • Virginia Jolly

    I feel so sorry for people who equate science with satan. It seems that people are determined to shut their eyes to the world around them.

    Science is only the discipline of investigating the world around a person and testing it to see what explanations are consistent and useful from what is sensed. Science isolates variables to determine if the remaining variable is testable and consistent with what has been discovered before. Then science tests each variable in turn in the same way. The results are compared to what is already known, and the results determine how scientists understand the Cosmos.

    Science has a paper trail and a legacy that has been built since the Greek Philosophers put symbols down on parchment. This paper trail continues to this day as scientists find more and more discoveries. These new discoveries continually cause us to reevaluate our understanding of the Cosmos.

    Yes, science looks like a religion, but unlike many religions, nothing is taken on faith. Yes, it takes a long time to understand what is known today–starting with but not ending with a university degree. In fact, no one person could possibly know everything that is out there. But there is a body of written evidence that can be pointed to in order to determine how accurately we can pinpoint our discoveries.

    Much religion is based on interpretation of one interpreted and re-interpreted (many times) document, which has parts missing and much controversy over what should be included and what should not. It is from these re-re-re-interpretations of this same document that much religion derives its doctrine. How can people trust it? Many times, the only thing they can trust is their inner feelings and consequences that arise from their actions. And people find they can’t trust anything or anybody at all. And they are afraid that their world around them will crumble if they learn about science. It’s so sad.

  • Virginia Jolly

    The moon reflects sunlight. The Earth reflects sunlight. As long as Sol, our sun, gives light, everything that its light contacts will reflect its light. Whether we see it or not is a matter of how we see the surface off which it is reflected. Think of looking at a mirror: we know it always reflects. If you look at it from almost parallel to its surface, you can see some things it reflects from the opposite side of the received light, but you don’t see what is behind you because you are not looking at it full on. The reflection is restricted like a first quarter or last quarter moon. You can see Earthshine on the moon during these two times–and possibly during New Moon–and definitely during a lunar eclipse. If you look closely at a crescent moon and see the outline of a disk, that is the light of the sun, reflected off the Earth, shining on the moon. So you are seeing the reflection of a reflection of the sun.

  • Gene Starwolf

    We should kick Texas out of America.

  • Bill is being insulted by a bunch of religious morons who love to believe in fairy-tale’s , if there would be a god and he did send his son down to save us, why would it have been in the most i illiterate and ignorant part of the world to spread his word, come on think this is all tall tales from a race of ignorant scared fools.

  • First and foremost, I would like to apologize to Bill Nye and say that not all Christians are like that. Second of all last I checked I don’t go pushing my beliefs on anyone else and don’t judge someone for not believing in Christ, but to call us a cancer is unbelievable. I love learning new things from science and experiencing what other facts are out there. But to basically say kill all Christians is ignorance in itself.

  • thank god this is fake hahaha

  • People in Texas are dumber than people in Georgia. I got to get out of the South

  • Bill Nye is Irrelivent because he dosn’t even know that the moon is a satelite and our Solar System is entirely created by other life forms

  • Not sure what is more dumbfounding… the characters in this fictional piece that is obviously meant to whip people into a liberal froth over their view that “religion” doesn’t accept facts, or that some of these same liberals are so gullible as to believe that this actually happened.

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