Birthers Now Claim Photo of Obama Not Swatting Fly Off Face is Proof He is Kenyan, Not American

Sterling Manchester II
• TopekasNews
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Even after Mitt Romney’s sound defeat at the hands of our President Barack Obama, birthers will not relent on trying to get our Commander in Chief impeached from office.  There are still people in America in the Donald Trump brigade, believing that somehow, someway, Obama finagled his way to office without actually being a legal American.

Before getting into the back story, let us discuss irony.  The irony here is delicious, fortified and nutritious for the sarcastic observer’s soul.  These birthers want ultimate proof that Obama is ‘truly American’, yet cannot offer proof to the contrary.  If America’s court of law worked under your logic, everyone would be guilty until proven innocent.

But by some rare stroke of luck, birthers have actually offered empirical evidence.  After years of claiming Obama is not an American, harassing the poor man and his family with Kenyan jokes and signs that would make even the most heartened Civil Rights era villain shake their heads in shame, the birthers have finally given us proof that he is not an American.

There you have it.  This one image graced the front page of yesterday, then naturally made its rounds through the conservative and thick-headed segment of media.  Birthers had spasms and had to fan their nethers like a Southern belle in heat, because they were so turned on and excited about this picture.

We have a photo of Barack Obama in a confident pose, not noticing a fly on his head.  Sure, if he had swiped the fly away then the Conservatives for The Rights of a Fly to have Life Coalition would have started the talking point that Obama’s a masochist murderer who does not respect the rights of a house fly to live.  It was the Creator’s will, right?

Pastor Harville Elderman of the local First Topeka C.O.C. posted in his small publication, “The Lord of the Fly Rises”, a cheap play on the Dark Knight Rises and I am going to guess their play at ‘dark’ fits their true dislike of Obama:  he is black.

These birthers have brains that are relics from the past.  They love these images because they allow them to make cheap jokes like “Pastor” Elderman’s and to put their idiotic views into national spotlight.  This would not even be troubling if the Tea Party and those like them did not have a major national party that almost got the likes of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan elected, even though those two were too liberal and Mormon for their tastes.

Just so you know, this is the science of conservatism. If we ask them for proof, they will eventually deliver. But the measure by which they determine good science is a bit different than us thinking skeptics, as we can see.


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