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Black Santa Arrested Outside Atlanta Georgia,

santa arrested
santa arrested

Atlanta, Georgia (Fox News) – A black Santa was arrested for ‘acting suspcious’ outside a nice neighborhood, Crowelaw County Township Sherriff Jeff Nance reported to the local Fox News affiliate.

“We received multiple calls about a black man dressed as Santa.  That was cause to arouse suspicion and investigates [sic]”, reported Nance, squinting into the bright winter sun.

Nance continued, “When we found Black Santa, he was standing outside a throng of children, holding a large red bag.  We asked him if we could look inside his bag and he resisted, he said ‘no’.”

Eyewitnesses standing by in the crowd confirm that police did approach the black Santa, identified as Carlton Winston.  The Santa was heard saying, “You are profiling me and I have rights to not have my personal property searched.”

Nance and several deputies laughed.  “I told him, that to me looks like a very big ‘baggie’ of possible drugs over your shoulder, buddy,” Nance said.  Citing the Black Santa for potential drug paraphernalia, Nance ordered his deputies to subdue the Winston and search his large red bag.

“You would never guess what we found inside.  Stolen gifts…and drugs,” Nance reported.  “Inside his bag, there were at least 30 wrapped gifts, all with names of different kids on them.  I asked him who all the people’s names were on the gifts, and he said that he did not know.”

Nance continued, “I heard enough and read him his rights.  I found little baggies of marijuana in the bag too, with names of people like “Antwon” and “Lamar” written on them.  There was also a lighter we found in front of him on the ground.”

Several eyewitnesses claim they saw the officers throw the aforementioned lighter on the ground and also saw them go to their car to ‘get something’, and threw it into Winston’s red bag.

“I think this is outrageous,” Jose Martinez said.  “My kids were wanting to get a picture with this Santa and the police arrested him right in front of them.  They were crying.  And I think they planted that stuff in his bag.”

Deputy Wallace, who helped arrest the Santa, summarized the stop, “Really, when has anyone seen a black Santa just walking around a nice neighborhood in the middle of the day?  Just like Megyn Kelly said, it just is improbable.  We made the right stop, I am confident.”

Outside authorities are investigating the arrest and entire situation.