Black Veil Brides Wretched And Divine Recruits Young Voters for Mitt Romney

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Washington, DC (TopekasNews) -   Pro-Republican rock band The Black Veil Brides have released their sophomoric album Wretched and Divine, Prostate Before the Throne of Romney just in time for the 2012 presidential elections.  The album is a crude mix of patriotic electronica and capitalistic lyrics, all promoting elitism and blatant platonic support for Mitt Romney.  This album is a little more than a dark praise chorus to reach out to today’s disenfranchised, emotionally bereft youth who will support anything that seems rebellious.

Romney has done well in making himself look the part of the dark horse candidate, the classic anti-hero upon the stage of American politics.  The Black Veil Brides and their followers, the Black Veil Bride Army, are all too anxious to sing praises to Romney in the most impressive show of naivete and brainwashing I’ve ever seen in all my years of teaching and study.

The entire album is a role-reversal of reality, where Romney vows to lead the “Divine” against those who are the “Wretched”.  Being a life-long flip flopper, Romney verbally embraces things like black, angsty clothing, vampirism, Wiccanism and witchcraft in this album, playing right into the hands of teenagers fresh to political discussion and voting.  The wretched, typecast as bullies, are pawned off as ‘those elitist kids who make your life rough’.  Obama is peddled off as the leader of the elites.

Sadly, the Black Veil Bride Army is apparently buying this new Romney supporting album hook line and sinker.  The title of the album is accurate in the ‘prostrate before the throne of Romeny’ aspect, as the play on words suggest anyone buying into this album is simply laying out and puckering up their body to let Romney have his way with them.  Such ignorance of today’s youth is frightening and playing out right in front of us.  I hate to know the statistics, because within 4 years if Romney wins, half of the rebellious kids who bought this album and voted Mitt into office will be coerced into fighting deadly wars in Iran and beyond.





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  • Sorry, but this story is nothing but LIES. First of all, that’s not the name of the new album, which won’t be out until JANUARY of 2013. The title of the new album is “Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones”. Whoever added “Prostate Before the Throne of Romney” is just an idiot, attempting to spark some controversy because they don’t like BVB. If you seriously think that Black Veil Brides would do such a thing, you’re out of your minds. You have NO idea what you’re talking about, because the Army is not “brain-washed”. We’re a family of people across the world that all love Black Veil Brides, and we help each other through tough times, got it? Black Veil Brides are amazing role models – they teach us to speak our minds, share our opinions, and most importantly, love each other. So before you write a bogus article, get your facts straight, because Black Veil Brides is WAY better than what some idiot is trying to put across.

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