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Broncos Kick Record 64-Yard Field Goal, Will Someone Please Test These Guys for Performance Enhancing Marijuana?

Titans 28 (5-8, 3-4 away) Broncos 51(11-2, 7-0 home)

As if it were not bad enough they destroyed the Titans 51-28, the whole world watched Matt Prater kick an impossible 64-yard field goal.  Poor sporstmanship for running the score up on the Titans aside, it is just not humanly possible to go pooching up 64-yard field goals.  It is just unheard of, but here we have the Denver Broncos, who just oh so casually toss up 51 points here and 44 points there game after game, doing yet another impossible stunt.

I’m not saying my allegations are 100% true, but we all have to be suspicious of what the Broncos are doing to do all these superhuman stunts.  Peyton Manning has already thrown for over 40 touchdowns and 4000 yards this season.  His box score for today is padded P. Manning (DEN) – 397 YDS, 4 TD.  A has-been 37-year-old quarterback is tossing up another 400 yards and 4 touchdowns in a game?  I say fat chance.

The Tennessee Titans should not feel bad about today’s game, because like all of the Broncos opponents this year, they are victims of a team who is playing hopped up on marijuana.  The NFL needs to look into this Broncos franchise, because I am really getting tired of seeing them post up so many points week-after-week.

This is just as fun as playing against a roommate who used the secret hours of the night to recreate his favorite team (the Broncos) with all 99 ratings, so you have Peyton Manning kicking 99 yard field goals and Moreno sacking everyone on defense.

New Evidence A: 

I would not have believed that in these conditions he could have made that kick.  The words of Denver’s very own commentators sums it up.  It is an impossible kick.  Not even the great Nick Lowry could have hit this field goal.  There is just no way little Rudy kicked that through with extra leg.  Who in their right mind goes around kicking 64-yard-field goals, unless they know they have a little extra sauce in the packet.

I consider this field goal right up there with Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa’s homerun derby strikes.  I want to see proof the Broncos are not on Hulk’s green sauce, aka, maryjane.

New Evidence B:  3 50-point plus games in a single season

A team has not scored more than 50-points three times in a season since the old Dallas Texans did so back in 1966.

New Evidence C:  Peyton Manning Won In A Cold Game

Impossible.  Impossible!