Broncos Caught Marijuana Doping Before Chargers Playoff Game, Gaining Unfair Advantages

Untitled-2   Surveillance photo taken moments ago show Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos ‘doping up’ on marijuana.  The San Diego Chargers, far from home, have no chance.

[adsense]Sports Authority Field at Mile High – The Broncos are ‘flying high’ once again and it does not bode well for the San Diego Chargers.  At the beginning of the 2013-2014 NFL Season, the state of Colorado voted to legalize marijuana with one thing in mind:  give the ageing Broncos an unfair advantage.

In the picture above, we can see the Bronco’s locker room is being filled with the performance enhancing drug marijuana.  They are probably ‘hotboxing’ the “Mile High Miracle” strain of it, noted for its ability to relieve injuries and give one ‘inhuman’ clarity of mind.

For weeks on end, we have seen Peyton Manning benefit from marijuana doping in every Denver home game.   On the field, he moves about like he is 22-years-old and fresh out of Tennessee.  He sits on the sideline like a Ithica or worse New York University Rhodes scholar liberal, plotting and planning with mental abilities for above normal.

Marijuana is not a fair substance and it should be banned from sports, but as I argue for every Denver game this year, we can see the drug is giving Peyton Manning, Knowshown Moreno and company an unfair mental and physical advantage.  I’d like to see the NFL issue a UA screen on these guys and then just like MLB did Alex Rodriguez for his doping, suspend Peyton Manning for at least one season, until he’s hopefully too old to play anymore.

Developing…story will be updated as more evidence piles in

New Evidence A:  Phil Rivers Delusional, Throwing Tantrums

Rivers dot gif on Twitpic

Here we can see the second-hand effects of marijuana on Philip Rivers. While direct contact highs enhance human abilities, those not used to the drug are prone to fits of rage and muscle spasms from suddenly having their abilities enhanced.

A media example of this phenomena took place in Man of Steel, when General Zod’s protective armor failed and he was exposed to Earth’s atmosphere. The sudden smells wafting into his nose brought him to his knees, much like poor Phil Rivers here.