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Cancer Survivor Robin Roberts Comes Out of Closet on Facebook

The courageous Robin Roberts is in the headlines again. This time, the daytime news anchor came out of the closet, thanking her long time partner and lover for her support through a very difficult year.

[adsense]Robins has inspired many people with her televised battle and recovery from cancer, and now she will likely be a champion and yet another celebrated person who is in a lesbian relationship.

While some firebrand groups are naturally lambasting Roberts, it is perhaps the coverage of Robert’s lifestyle choice on Huffington Post that has generated the best responses. While it is good to see people support Robin and her announcement, many commentators are complaining. They are not complaining that Roberts is bad or anything for her lifestyle, but instead are commentating, ‘who cares’.

“Who cares.” That is the perfect response and what we want society to think when an announcement like this is made. Once we can get a majority of people thinking ‘who cares’ when it comes to someone’s choice in lifestyle and relationship, it will be a far better world. No one should care if Robin wants a man or woman for her companion, as long as she is happy. And it seems she is.