Florida Police Ticket 2-Year-Old Black Girl for Inattentive Driving

Jacksonville, Florida – Shocking new video shows police in Florida ticketing a two-year-old black girl, purportedly citing her for ‘inattentive driving’ in the parking lot of her apartment complex. Driving her small battery powered convertible, officers noted that little Za’Dariyah bumped into several parked cars and failed to maintain a...

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George Zimmerman: I’m President Obama’s Scapegoat, I’m the Victim of a Miscarriage of Justice

George Zimmerman is now accusing President Obama of bullying him and making his life miserable.   On Monday, Zimmerman had the temerity to accuse President Obama and the United States government of making him a ‘scapegoat’.  According to Zimmerman, there is no reason why Obama and company should have any...

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santa arrested

Black Santa Arrested Outside Atlanta Georgia,

Atlanta, Georgia (Fox News) – A black Santa was arrested for ‘acting suspcious’ outside a nice neighborhood, Crowelaw County Township Sherriff Jeff Nance reported to the local Fox News affiliate. “We received multiple calls about a black man dressed as Santa.  That was cause to arouse suspicion and investigates [sic]”,...

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