Ebola Stands For Evil Barack Obama Liquidating America

We can see this EBOLA:  Eternal Barack Obama Liquidating America virus is literally spelling out the name of its creator, Obama.  2016 is fast approaching and the liberals are now revealing their true hand to destroy America. Several months ago, Obama forced the CDC to launch a program called:  Eternal...

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Benjamin Netanyahu Warns America “Never Second Guess me Again”, America Warns Netanyahu, “Fine, Never Ask Us For Money and Weapons Again”

In a tough exchange of wars following Hamas’ apparent disregard for a 72-hour ceasefire, Benjamin Netanyahu came out strong and warned America the following,  “Never second guess me again on Hamas!” While Israel and Palestine both have an inherent sovereign right of defense, by international law, once a nation asks...

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Russia Bans US From International Space Station, Astronauts “Will Have To Find Their Own Way Down”

[adsense]Moscow, Russia – Russian officials have further increased tensions with the United States.  Earlier today, the Kremlin announced that effective immediately, the United States is banned from the International Space Station and the ban will be enforced by Russia refusing to allow U.S. astronauts to ride on shuttles powered by...

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Vladimir Putin pouts after he learns Jeb Bush, brother of US President George W. Bush, is planning to run for president.

Coward Vladimir Putin Retreats From Ukraine After Jeb Bush Announces Candidacy for President

[adsense] Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his military forces to retreat from Ukraine. Only hours after former US President George W. Bush, Jr., reported that he ‘has convinced his brother to run for US president‘, Vladimir Putin quickly commanded his troops to evacuate and abandon all plans to invade Ukraine....

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Vladimir Putin Diagnosed With Gay

A visibly shocked Vladimir Putin reacts to the doctor’s confirmation that he is genetically gay and has amorous feelings towards other men. [adsense]Moscow, Russia – A bewildered Vladimir Putin solemnly took to the airwaves today to confirm that he was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Homosexuality, also known as ‘adult...

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vladimir putin saves dolphin

Vladimir Putin Rescues Dolphin in Black Sea

Vladimir Putin rescues a young, injured dolphin from the Black Sea.  Local reporters state the dolphin was being hunted down by a killer whale before Putin intervened and managed to rescue the animal from the ocean. [adsense]Sevastopol, Crimea – Pravda.ru reports Vladimir Putin is being hailed a hero once again.  ...

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Pentagon Detects Nuclear Russian Spy Ship Near Florida Coast

 [adsense]Florida, United States – A Soviet-era submarine is parked off the Florida coast.  The Pentagon announced it has been monitoring a nuclear-powered Russian submarine and tug ship operating off the United State’s coast for several weeks now. The intelligence-gathering ship also made rounds to the Gulf of Mexico and along...

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