Cheating Broncos Spike Kansas City Chief’s Gatorade with Marijuana, ‘Win’

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Right off the bat it was obvious the Denver Broncos were cheating, as Chief’s ace quarterback Alex Smith threw a rarely seen touchdown on the Chiefs first drive of the game.  As Peyton Manning smirked and winked at the payed off ref (more about that later) on the sidelines, the Chiefs looked puzzled and disoriented.

Once 9 – 0, until playing the Broncos in the marijuana-friendly Mile High Stadium, the Chiefs have now suspiciously lost 3 in a row and you cannot say drugs are not to blame.

Several commentators, citing KMBC 9 and other outlets via Twitter, indicate there is a Kansas City ballboy citing he was ‘paid off’ to look the other way while people dressed in Broncos outfits sidled up to the Gatorade supply before the game, adding some sort of chemical agent to the drink.

There are a large number of people in the Kansas City area who are turncoats, betraying the Chiefs in their attempt to hop on the lucrative Peyton Manning bandwagon.  With all of Manning and John Elway’s media manipulation, it is easy to see why so many Chiefs fans are being converted to a morally uncouth franchise who destroyed Christian quarterback Tim Tebow’s life, are components of Papa John’s radical ‘smoke a joint, then get the pizza-munchies’ agenda.  It is easy to understand how the Broncos managed to get a few members of Chief’s security to ‘turn a blind eye’ while they spiked the Chief’s Gatorade with powdered marijuana.

With their Gatorade spiked, the Chiefs found themselves in the same dizzying, uncoordinated stupor they were two weeks ago, when the Broncos flooded the Chiefs locker room with marijuana smoke at the now infamous ‘Marijuana-gate at Mile High‘ incident.

But this week, we can see the Broncos were still high on the performance enhancing drug, marijuana, and using it to do superhuman stunts of spectacular grandeur, if not inhuman and drug-induced actions.  The Chiefs, not used to the drug in their system, were groggy and uncoordinated in comparison.  Even Coach Andy Reid made questionable calls, his mind subdued by the annoying and illicit drug.

New Evidence A:  Moreno’s Army Crawl

After dragging 6 fully grown, perfectly muscular Kansas City Chief’s #2 rated defensive players over 20 yards on his back, a clearly drug-powered Moreno continues to crawl the ground in a very meth-esque feat of superhuman strength.  The only drug that can give a man power like this is marijuana, which its smoking, injecting, eating or drinking is not legal under NFL rules.


New Evidence B:  Public Emotional Outbursts of Tears

Army-crawl tweaking, dragging multiple grown men on your back and just crying for no reason:  any seasoned detective would tell you those symptoms indiate you’re dealing with a man who would not buckle even before the might of a 50,000 volt taser, because he’s on the sauce.  He’s been smoking the marijuana.  Just look at this tearful display of emotions for no reason:

knowshon moreno crying gif

I don’t know, maybe Moreno is just feeling guilty for helping CHEAT the CHIEFS out of two games!  But for such a healthy stream of tears to fall like this, right on queue with the camera, just screams drug conspiracy to me and fits my reasons of why the Chiefs should at least be given credit for a tie in this game, and surely not a loss.

Take all of that away, and then you even have to be suspicious that the refs were paid off by the Broncos’ and their deep pockets.  Who really calls illegal pass formation on a tackle and even worse, fails to expel a player from a game when he tries to rip the helmet off Dereck McCluster?  And what about all the missed pass interference calls?

It is clear the NFL has an agenda to help Manning become some sort of legendary quarterback, because a 37-year-old who gets cut from the Colts, has a fractured right ankle and is playing against the league’s best pass-rushing defense does not score his franchise record setting 40th touchdown of the season and pass for over 4,000 yards, laughing and smirking on the sideline the entire time.

Broncos, please beware karma is a powerful monster.  Tom Brady had your number last week and many others shall again.  I have full faith the Chiefs will meet the Broncos in the playoffs, and hopefully by then this rogue franchise will be held to some sort of moral standard and just play the game fair.



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