Cheating Chargers Injure Hali and Houston, Hop Up on Marijuana To Defeat Kansas City Chiefs At Home

Haywood Bynum III
Diehard New York Giants fan • TopekasNews
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*Chargers Chiefs 2013 hali houston ankle injury mri

The San Diego Chargers “defeated” the Kansas City Chiefs today, but next to the asterisk in this ‘victory’ we have to look at the looming underlying scandal wrought by the thug tactic Chargers and their counterparts the Denver Broncos.

Kansas City, Kansas – Isn’t it such a shame when every episode of Sunday NFL is now tattooed with ‘Thug Life’ across is chest?  Watching the superb Kansas City Chiefs lose to another sub-par, marijuana infused team from a marijuana-friendly state of America should really turn heads in upper echelons of the NFL’s guardians.  The league commissioner cannot allow teams like the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos to continue their campaign of savage destruction of teams who are training legitimately and not relying on drugs to get an upper edge.

Chief’s fans, commentators and the whole of America were shocked Sunday as the top-ranked Chiefs actually lost to the San Diego Chargers.  Look at that score up above:  in your heart, you know something is wrong when the best defense in the NFL cannot stop the Chargers from lobbing up 41 points, the final points coming in classic ‘clamp-down’ section of the 4th quarter.

The Chiefs had Sunday’s game well in control, until linebacker Tamba Hali left for the locker room on a cart, followed soon by his fellow linebacker Justin Houston.  The two players were a dynamic duo all season, leading the NFL in combined sacks and proving an absolute nightmare for opposing offenses.

Over 70,000 Chiefs fans furiously watch the scavenger-esque San Diego Chargers use whatever cheap, underhanded strong-arm tactics necessary to defeat the morally straight Chiefs.

But after last week in Denver during the ‘Marijuana-gate Scandal at Mile High’, we noticed the pure-air trained Tamba Hali  was wobbly in the legs.

 I loudly mentioned this fact.

I noticed that after performing in the marijuana soaked conditions, it seemed he was having muscle spasms as he tried to attack the aging, non-nimble Peyton Manning without any success.

The Chargers honed in on this fact.  Unlike the Chiefs, who were courteous to Peyton Manning last week and refused to send a full-man blitz and risk ending Manning’s career, instead the Chief’s eased up a bit on the throttle and played softer on Manning.

Winning isn’t always everything with these Chiefs.  They actually care about the other team, unlike the Chargers who took advantage of the Chief’s blatant injuries and targeted Houston and Hali for injuries.

New Evidence A

In this video image, look at how a drug-marinated Rivers mistakes Chief’s coach Andy Reid for a juicy and cheap San Diego curbside pickup.  What on Earth he is doing on the Chief’s sidelines, sidling up to Coach Reid and trying to either give him a pelvic swayed throbbing gristle to the backside or saying, “There’s more injuries were that came from, if ya don’t give up” is beyond me.  Whatever the case, we can see beyond the cute SBNation captions that San Diego is using thug tactics here against the Chiefs and it just should not be tolerated, Rivers should face suspension for sidling up on Coach Reid’s derriere.  


New Evidence B

The play that could ruin NFL’s 2014 Superbowl.  The San Diego Chargers and their fans are trying to spin it as a ‘non-contact’ injury, but everyone who saw the play knows that Hali was roughly thrown to the ground on what should have been called a ‘whipping’ penalty.  It is illegal for a offensive tackle to grab a lineback and ‘whip them’ into the ground by the arm, as it could cause injury.  The refs refused to eject any Chargers and Hali’s injury should be investigated as a criminal assault, initiated by the Broncs and finished up by the Chargers.

New Evidence C

Phillip Rivers and his little cabal of ‘do whatever it takes to win’ Chargers celebrate after an impossible touchdown drive, well, impossible if Justin Houston and Tamba Hali were in the game.  Now, without their stars, we see the Chiefs weakened, like mighty Samson without his luscious hair.

I cannot wait to go to a prayer booth first thing in the morning, so I can do my part in praying Hali’s ankle and Houston’s shoulder back to 100% health.  My prayer today that Peyton Manning lose to the Patriots came true, so my other two can come true as well.  Miracles always happen in the holy numbers 3 or 7, and that is what we can only hope for as the Chiefs prepare to bring humility to the Broncos, home at Arrowhead.

As for the Chargers, karma is cruel and shall come your way!  Just watch out next week, San Diego.  The Cincinnati Bengals are mean and on the prowl.

* The Chargers’ victory has an asterisk next to it, because injuring one Chief’s player in coincidence, but wiping out their two best defensive players in the first half screams conspiracy and must be investigated by a request letter to the NFL.


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