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Chiefs Fans Hold Prayer Vigil To “Defeat Broncos, Injure Peyton Manning” At Kansas City Prayer Booth


Chiefs fans pray at local Kansas City prayer booths, praying specific prayers for Manning’s ankle to give out and for the Broncos to lose Sunday’s game.

Still seething from defeat two weeks ago at Mile High Stadium, prayerfully vigilant Kansas City Chiefs fans flocked around local prayer booths to pray that the ‘arrogant Denver Broncos get a taste of humility in defeat’, according to Kansas City resident and Chief’s fan Lillith Lanston.

“We got up early today and in force.  We are praying that Peyton’s ankle bother him and that God just shows these Broncos some humility.  The team is prideful and vain, that is against one of God’s cardinal sins.  They lust the spotlight and are gluttons for fame.”

Lanston was joined by several dozen Chiefs fans, who met last week to pray for Tamba Hali and Joseph Houston’s injuries to be healed before this game.  “One out of two is not bad, but we need God to step in and stop this Manning-era Broncos from having any more success.”

Kansas City resident Joseph Bangal has animosity to Manning, but for different reasons.  He too joined in to pray against the Broncos today, but reports his distaste for Manning is more spiritual in nature.  “I hate what he did to Tim Tebow.  It was utterly reprehensible how John Elway and Peyton Manning schemed to ruin Tebow’s career.  Tebow should still be at the helm of Denver, and the Chiefs should be winning over a Tebow-lead Broncos today.”


Local Kansas City priest, Father Joseph McCrite (pictured left), lead members of his congregation who gathered outside a prayer booth by telling them to bow their heads in silent prayer observance in hopes God would see it fit ‘to bless the Chiefs with a great victory of these invading Denver Broncos and their marijuana smoking fans’.

The city-wide prayers come several weeks after the Denver Broncos allegedly flooded the Chief’s locker room with marijuana at Mile High, consuming them to be confused and disoriented in their morally questionable 17 – 27 loss to the Broncos.