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China Lands On Moon, Immediately Deploys Robot Drone To Trample US Flag, Armstrong’s Footprint

america moon lost
america moon lost

Advanced Chinese robot lands on Moon Friday, December 13, 2013, and immediately sets to trampling US flag and footprints left by Neil Armstrong.

Moon, America – Only 44-years ago, a young America lead humanity to the new brave new frontiers of space.  A challenge set-forth by a youthful President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the legacy of NASA and America’s space-age innovation were set to not only better this great nation, but humanity itself.

[adsense]But alas, America has fallen from its mission.  A brilliant president and his edict for a new American initiative in strong political support of sciences taken on a tragic day in Dallas, America cannot even get to space on its own now.  We can only watch in shock and horror as the headlines roll in from China, showing their ‘Advanced Space Robot’ trampling the US flag and dream of a capitalist space utopia ruled by American styled social democracy.

The Chinese are calling this robot the 美國夢的賽昂驅逐艦 in their media headlines, which roughly translates to ‘Cylon Destroyer of American Dreams’, or CDAD.

The Hubble space telescope has captured images of the robots working on the moon and the Chinese technology is incredible.  In the following image, we see yet another shot of these ‘Cylon Destroyer Robots’ operating rovers and at this point, they have completely destroyed America’s flag and stake on the moon.  China is clearly displaying the name of their country in sight of our telescope to send home a clear message:  they have sent advanced robotic soldier units to the moon, and there is technologically nothing we can do about it.

What is even scarier here, is we can see these robots are deploying some sort of advanced dish satellites.  I am suspecting they are trying to bounce communiques and get better reception on our cable signals, so they can pirate all our tv shows directly, but there may be something even more sinister afoot, like wiretapping and taping all of our American phone conversations!

What sort of nation who would steal our private conversations can be trusted to colonize space!

Granted this evidence, I call for each and every reader to stand up today and call again for America’s strong interest in space.  It is time to stop all the petty stuff here on Earth:  what good is flying bombers over a few finite-oil countries, when China is building a robotic army base above us?

China’s advanced plan for “New Beijing”, a moon city of 100,000 robots controlled via Wi-Fi, like the Sims, by Chinese citizens to go in effect by 2020.

It is time again for a Space Race.  America, China has unleashed their Sputnik in the form of these advanced robots.  We have to do something about this and our little Mars rover, as cute as it is, cannot hold a candle to this bipedal Chinese space robots.  They can transform, launch from Earth, take orbit, land, transform into robot units and assemble a rover to do experiments.

Our Mars rover, on the other hand, is just a glorified Google glass on wheels.   It may be pretty, but next to these Chinese space robots that can work autonomously or by the control of a human back on Earth, it is a child’s toy.  Look at this closeup shot where a Chinese robot openly points and jeers toward the Hubble space telescope.

America, step it up.  We are falling behind.  Way behind.