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China Using 3D Bio Printers to Create Human Babies

chinese 3d printing



In a joint research project with the Japanese government, Chinese scientists have developed the ability print 3d babies.  Using the world’s fastest computer in Beijing, Chinese scientists were able to electronically map the complete human genome and code out a base sequence which allows a 3 dimensional printer to physically print out real human tissue, enough so that we can see a baby several months old is produced.

The manufacturing of 3D babies is currently illegal in the United States, as it should be.  Much like cloning, the making of a 3D human should remain illegal because it gives humans too much power to play God.  These Chinese scientists can now create humans without the unity of marriage and assurance the human will be taught morals.  The government of China will now have the ability to mass produce labor force or an army, without the construct of a family advocating for the newly created human’s rights and existence.

This creates an entirely new, dour market that can make China an evil empire with heartless, government bred workers reared to do the bidding of communist evil.

I also fear that this technology could be legalized in America, by a liberal Congress and potentially liberal Supreme Court by 2016.  If 3D baby printing becomes legal, anyone could decide they want to have 4 or 5 kids to qualify for free Obamacare and food stamps and all those other things that bug us working Republicans.  If this baby were natural and in the womb, I would fight for its right to exist.  But to think that someone is just printing it out of a printer, unwrapping it and its first breaths qualifies it for all these socialist Trotsky society liberal democrat benefits of Obama’s communism, it just makes my stomach churn.  This is not natural.

CNN has more on China’s new 3D bio printer human printing capabilities.