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Chinese Scientists Unveil Shark Horse Creature

[adsense]Beijing, China – Chinese scientists announced the world’s first shark-horse chimera, which locals are calling the 鯊妖馬 (literally translating into “The Great Horse Shark Demon”).

Scientists reveal that the creature has a largely mammalian bauplän, including cardio-respiratory and pulmonary systems.  In testing the creature could gallop upwards 65 miles per hour and reportedly preys upon small cattle, children and birds.

Animal rights activists and multiple moral groups have denounced the animal, saying the hybrid is a genetic abomination.

Human rights officials are investigating reports that the Chinese government plans to turn the creature loose in rural villages that may be ‘pro-American’ or violating China’s strict family planning policies.

This creature is more proof that religious figures and other moral leaders should have a ruling hand in setting ethical guidelines on what scientists are allowed to do with genetics.