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Christmas Miracle In Detroit, “No Murders For Over 36 Hours”


[adsense]Detroit, Michigan (TopNews) – Residents in the city of Detroit, Michigan, are breathing a little bit easier today, as the joy and camaraderie induced by Christmas and the holiday season has resulted in no murders for over 36 hours.

Detroit, once a bustling town of great musical culture and automobile commerce, is considered to be a 3rd world country within America.  The city is bankrupt, the leader’s oft considered corrupt despots and fans of the local teams are actually regarded as rowdier than Oakland Raiders fans and even drunken soccer hooligans.

The crime data trend proves something we all know to be true:  even the sheer mention of Christ, which is integral to Christmas, instills morals within people.  It makes people think of their grandmothers and conservative tradition, which just involves being nice to one’s neighbors and not killing them.

Hopefully Detroit will take note of their Christmas miracle and allow prayer and religious displays back in their schools and public parks, because this is great proof that wonderful Christian values can cause even the roughest city to have a spot of good will.  Best of luck, Detroit!