Confirmed: Google Earth Finds Woman Trapped On Island for 7 Years, Gemma Sheridan


The internet has been abuzz with a story about a young woman named Gemma Sheridan who was trapped on a Pacific Island for 7 years.  The woman has now purportedly come forward and will do an interview with NBC Dateline and is also reportedly courting several movie and book deals about her courageous story.

The harrowing tale started in 2007, after she became stranded on a desert island.  Initial reports indicated the woman was caught in a storm and her boat wrecked.   The actual version of the story is that the woman was a passenger in an old propeller plane that made a crash landing near an island.

Miraculously, the woman survived the plane crash and was able to live on the island for seven years, until a powerful Google Earth image came to the desktop of a student in Minnesota.  His random survey of Google’s image cache of islands revealed something quite life changing:  an SOS sign.

google sos woman plane wreck

Plane that wrecked seven years ago, stranding courageous crash survivor on the island.

The Minnesota undergrad who found the wreckage, Nick Oshterhausen, is something of a ‘campus celebrity’ and is enjoying his small-celebrity status on Spring Break, where he states once his buddies tell any barkeeper about his feat he gets ‘at least a free drink’.