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Crazed Anti-Christmas Protesters Raze Christmas Tree, Wildly Stomp Town’s Nativity Scene


Kansas City, Kansas –  Kids openly cried as terrified Christian mothers grabbed their children and fled the downtown courtyard.  Chaos and destruction was the scene in downtown Kansas City after a group of radical left-wing protesters showed their distaste of Christmas by burning down a Christmas tree, stamping out a nativity scene and even savaging boxes of presents meant for needy children.

“I have never seen such malevolent determination,” said retired Corporal Lance Jackson, fighting off tears as he watched a brave, injured mall-Santa was wheeled off by first responders.  “That Santa over there, he tried to fight off the protesters, but they reverse scrogged him and then forced him to watch as they burned the Christmas tree and pantsed several of the little helper elves.”

Police shooed people from the area, trying to make sense of all the chaos.  Protesters held signs and wore tshirts saying ‘Take the Christ out of Christmas” and “There are no legal holy days, so bah humbug to you and your ‘happy holidays.”

One of the protesters, who spoke under condition of anonymity, gave details on this latest assault on Christmas:  “Christmas is actually a pagan holiday, so the hypocrites who were out there caroling and violating the separation of church and state on public grounds should be thankful we did this for them.  We will not stop ruining Christmas until people stop celebrating it out in public.”

Sources on the scene report many children cried and the life-sized nativity scene that a group of the protesters ‘stomped to smithereens’ is beyond repair.

Fox reports this incident is the 30th open attack on Christmas committed by radical Democrats this holiday season.