Cure Discovered for Chris Brown Disease, It’s Called A Good #$#-Beating

Tatum Fox
• TopekasNews
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The latest story involving Chris Brown, the man who beat up Rihanna and then went on to host several award shows and not be held accountable, is still out on the loose.  After allegedly attacking and threatening to kill an openly gay singer named Frank Ocean, who also beat him out for a Grammy, Brown has now taken his fisticuffs act to a random parking valet.

Chris Brown’s day purportedly started off with good deeds, as he was attending a charity event in Studio City, California.  All good things came to an end, however, after reports surfaced that Brown decided to beat up a parking valet who asked him to pay his $10 parking fee.

“Gimme my f****** keys,” Brown was heard to exclaim.  “We gonna turn this whole spot up, I promise you.”

Some people on the scene report one of Brown’s entourage paid the money, after which Brown’s keys were released and the singer left the area in his more than luxorious Dodge Viper.

From past actions, it seems Brown is no stranger to getting physical.  I propose a simple solution for him:  do a ‘celebrity circuit’ in the MMA ring.  If he really loves confrontation so much, step into the ring with grown men who have the same philosophy.  Brown is fit and apparently can land a good strike, and threatens to do so quite often in all these stories us media report on him, so why not make some fun of it and do it in a place where it can be positive?

I think the viewership would be great, publicity for Brown doing the event would be a P.R. dream and we could see Brown surely hold his own against his own weight division, or he could opt to move up against heavier hitters.  I’d personally like to see a Chris Brown versus Jon Jones or Ronda Rousey match.



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