Daniel Tosh and Amanda Todd Style Videos

Jen Thomas
• TopekasNews
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The name Amanda Todd is now well-known in internet circles and worldwide media.  The young woman took her life after a round of bullying by her peers at school.  Like many young people her age, she took to making a video on YouTube that involves flash cards and telling what bothers her in life.  Pop culture ‘funny man’ Daniel Tosh had been keen to this subject for quite some time, so naturally took a go at parodying the topic.

Many have asked if this video was just too insensitive.  It was not Tosh necessarily making fun of the young woman Amanda Todd (though let’s be real, it would not be shocking if he made a snarky commentary on the issue), but it shows in modern times adults have an idea on what these kids are talking about in their videos.  We know they exist.

Bullying is nothing new, it is just that the people who suffer from it have a new way to vent.  If anything, parents need to be savvy of that fact and checking to see if their kids are facing any new age problems such as this.

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