Did Michelle Obama Steal Her Inauguration Dress, Hairstyle from Natasha Yar from Star Trek TNG

Tatum Fox
• TopekasNews
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The future is now.  We have a rover on Mars, powerful computers in our pockets and the first workings of holograms.   And Michelle Obama, dressing like a Star Trek character?

Is Michelle Obama a Trekkie?  Of that we cannot be certain, but after her hairstyle and dress choice yesterday, it would seem she has employed the hair-styling and wardrobe crew from Star Trek:  The Next Generation.

The picture above reveals more than a few similarities between Michelle’s dress and the character who played Natasha “Tasha” Yar, dressed up as her evil, duplicitous sister Ishara Yar.  Whatever the origins of Michelle Obama’s hairstyle, which looks cute on her, and the dress, which really does look futuristic, it was a fitting, warm looking number for a cold day in January.



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